Where you come from is gone

...........and where you're going to ain't no good unless you can get away from it

Fleshboy is an experimental / industrial band who use toy keyboards and sampled voices to create disturbing music that digs at the corners of your soul

FLESHBOY, arising from the ashes of THE FLESH KITTENS, were one of the oddest of creations, an Industrial band with a sense of humor.
In tribute to the source of the band's name, VICTOR BUONO, they took their individual monikers from chocolate rabbits to demonstrate the gustatory sensual pleasures that creatures of flesh indulged in.
Although the music was dark and ominous, occasionally silly cartoon voices would pop up, breaking the tension. Also worth noting was their decidedly low- tech approach, using Reel-to-Reels, found junk percussion, and home-made instruments


mr. solid

keyboards / samples

mr. bone

drums / metallics / samples

mr. crunchy

guitar / violin / samples

mr. smooth

base / vile / samples

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